The Process

Reflect. Respect. Connect.

The Downtown Mobility Plan process has taken great care to make sure public and stakeholder input is the driving force behind the Plan’s recommendations.

We’re making sure we reflect on all the different ways people use and access the Downtown area, from businesses to bikers to bus riders.

We encourage, hear, and respect the voices of all participants, from all corners of our community.

Then we connect the dots, and the result is the comprehensive Plan you see here. It’s designed to make getting around easier, make the Golden Triangle safer and more beautiful, create pride and a sense of place, boost economic vitality, and advance equity every step of the way.

Who was involved in the Plan?

In addition to many local businesses and citizens, the Downtown Mobility Plan brought together a Management Team of stakeholders that includes the Department of Mobility & Infrastructure (DOMI), City Planning, Port Authority of Allegheny County, and Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission (SPC). Throughout the process, we made sure we were working hand-in-hand with other efforts already underway, such as new initiatives from the Port Authority and DOMI.

For more information on our request for proposal process on consultant selection and background planning, please visit our main website.

How can you be part of the Plan?

This website, the one you’re looking at right now, is key to helping us get critical feedback from Downtown users like you and help us prioritize our to-do list. Take the survey. Then, keep checking back here for the outcomes of this study, updates to the Plan, and further discussions about efforts to improve mobility in Downtown Pittsburgh.

Once we’ve heard from as many people as possible, the PDP and a diverse group of stakeholders, representing all Downtown constituencies, will regroup to start implementing the plan and solicit ongoing feedback. Give us your input now and stay tuned!

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