(Re)Connecting Downtown

(Re)Connecting Downtown

Restore community between Downtown and its closest neighborhoods.

Downtown’s adjacent neighbors include the Hill District, Uptown, and the Strip District. The Downtown Mobility Plan would make the transition into these neighborhoods more notable and welcoming, especially for pedestrians, transit riders, and cyclists. Past efforts to improve these areas, including the destruction and annexation of parts of the Hill District, have left out and displaced residents. By establishing a more inclusive working relationship with surrounding communities and strengthening connections to and from the Central Business District, these neighborhoods will benefit from the vibrancy of Downtown and from visitors seeking to spend their time and money in adjacent neighborhoods.

This priority can only be accomplished in collaboration with Downtown’s neighbors to collectively determine how to best connect our communities.

Illustration of future downtown with white buildings and connected paths


  • Public art with historical storytelling
  • Streetscape and intersection improvements
  • Wayfinding and signage
  • Lighting and safety enhancements
  • Street trees, flowers, and green infrastructure
  • Programming and events
  • Ongoing and long-term maintenance plans



  • Identify key gateway corridors and intersections with surrounding communities
  • Co-create programming for the I-579 Cap Park with long-term maintenance plan
  • Implement pedestrian wayfinding system and signage


  • Install public art
  • Implement streetscape improvements and greening
  • Install lighting and safety enhancements
  • Deploy transit and cycling wayfinding
  • Explore inter-neighborhood joint programming opportunities


  • Co-create plan for developing shared amenities to serve the collective needs of Greater Downtown

We need your input to help move Downtown forward!

Locals getting on a city bus with branded graphics around it.