Sidewalks for all

Sidewalks for all

Make sidewalks and streetscapes safer, more attractive, and accessible for everyone.

People love Downtown Pittsburgh because it’s walkable, unique, and there’s always something interesting around every corner. But if the sidewalks are crowded or crumbling, the streets are dark, or the streetscaping is neglected (or non-existent), our otherwise beautiful city can’t be enjoyed in its best light. The Downtown Mobility Plan ensures that high-quality and thoughtful design will be incorporated into all public realm and streetscape projects for the enjoyment of all while increasing foot traffic and vibrancy for our Downtown businesses.

Folks from different walks of life walking on Blvd of the Allies in Downtown


  • Fully accessible and maintained sidewalks, crosswalks, and curb ramps
  • Pedestrian scale lighting
  • Street trees, planters, and flowers
  • Public art
  • Multi-modal wayfinding
  • Green infrastructure
  • Bike parking
  • Public seating
  • Winterization resources
  • Façade enhancements
  • Long-term maintenance strategy



  • Plant street trees, planters, and flowers along key pedestrian corridors
  • Install public art, bike parking, and new public seating
  • Deploy outdoor dining pilot activations
  • Monitor sidewalks, crosswalks, and curb ramps to ensure they are fully accessible and well-maintained
  • Implement pedestrian wayfinding
  • Identify and target strategic façade investments
  • Explore resources for winter streetscape activations


  • Install pedestrian lighting on all streets
  • Update the Downtown Streetscape Design Guidelines


  • Address subsurface issues that impact street quality and maintenance
  • Deploy green infrastructure
  • Develop sidewalk and streetscape grant programs

We need your input to help move Downtown forward!

Locals getting on a city bus with branded graphics around it.