Better bus experience

A better bus experience

Increase priority bus access and infrastructure in key transit corridors.

As the hub of the regional bus system, Downtown can, unfortunately, become one big bottleneck. The effects ripple outward, causing traffic congestion, decreased air quality, and unpleasant (and even unsafe) experiences for those waiting for the bus on crowded corners and near busy intersections. The Downtown Mobility Plan seeks to update the transit network to prioritize buses on certain streets at appropriate times of day to move more people, more efficiently. The result will be more streamlined bus movement, fewer buses mixing with cars, and delivery trucks, and better access for all, including people with limited mobility. The Plan calls for the busiest transit street in Downtown, Liberty Avenue, to become a priority corridor for these transit-optimizing improvements.


  • Updated bus routing and circulation plan
  • Curbside bus-only lanes
  • Enhanced bus and light rail infrastructure
  • Shelters, lean bars, and seating
  • Real-time transit info
  • Transit wayfinding
  • Ticket vending machines (TVMs)
  • Sidewalk extensions and bump-outs
  • Public art



  • Review alternate Downtown bus circulation options in preparation for the Downtown to Oakland Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project
  • Implement curbside bus lane pilots in strategic locations
  • Improve existing bus shelters
  • Install new bus shelters, add seating and additional transit amenities, and establish maintenance agreements
  • Locate streetscape amenities near stops
  • Increase availability of real-time information at bus stops and high foot-traffic locations


  • Install ticket vending machines
  • Develop transit focused wayfinding system
  • Create time-restricted bus-only street segments to improve peak-hour traffic flow


  • Transform Liberty Avenue into a transit priority corridor
  • Effectively link the East and West Busways through Downtown and develop plans for other rapid corridors

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Locals getting on a city bus with branded graphics around it.